Saturday, July 9, 2011

From Tedious Combing the Internet to Ebullient

Have you ever gone on those wild goose chases and in the adventure find something worthwhile?
Well that was how I one day came upon a defining moment in my musical career.
I discovered a way to write music thru the computer online for free!!¸.·´*  Happy Unbirthday!  And of course I wondered why I hadn't been told about it after 3 years in a music college.  I'm sure there are more programs  available as well for free.  I recently heard of a sample version of Sibelius. 

Here it is: :

How I used this site:
 I've frequently wanted to change the key of a piece to accommodate a singer.  This site lets me do that. Of course on the flip side I had to learn how to use the program a little.  But if you have 20 minutes to just hit random keys (on the computer keyboard... not hitting piano keys!), you too can figure it out and use it for some time saving and organizing.

A sample of my transposed work ~ Press play!


Rebekah said...

This is awesome! I am definately going to look at this website. Thanks!

Gabriela said...

You're welcome! Actually, I did follow up and search for "free notation software" and found others. =] It's neat that you can search these websites for songs, even popular ones. I looked for "I Will Be Here" (by Steven Curtis Chapman) and I didn't find it, but here's what I did find:
I've always thought that classical piece could be sung beautifully. That made my day. Let me know if you do anything on the site!