Friday, August 10, 2012

Timeless Hymns with Ageless Classics, Book & CD

When I met my dear friend Lauren, we were around fifteen years old.  Our families were staying in the beautiful mountains of Colorado at a home school family camp.  We had a grand time in the varied camp activities and exploring the land, and when we were at the lodge, people gathered around the piano and had fun making music.  Some brought their own instruments.  Lauren brought this book of medleys, and it has been a favorite of mine since.  Actually, finding great hymn arrangements has been an ongoing challenge for me! 

By: Marilynn Ham

It is so nice when books come with CD's.  It gives you an interpretation of the music to consider, and you can pick which one is your favorite to start on without having to sight read them all.  

My favorite is still the one Lauren played in Colorado: Meditation from Thais with "My Jesus, I Love Thee." I performed it last month for my church's offertory.  It is one of the hardest pieces I've performed in the last year.

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