Monday, August 19, 2013

Note Flashcards

You can order note flashcards as part of a larger set of music flashcards here.   I've never found a set of just notes, so when you order you get more cards than I teach with.

Or you can make your own and not have the extra.

 I searched "printable music note flashcards."  Below is what I found, click to see larger.  These documents have more notes than I use, so my students can just bring the sheets to lesson, and I'll tell them which to cut out.  

click to see larger

click to see larger
click to see larger
If you want to make your own, trace the computer screen.  I've never done this, so proceed with care! :)

 It's 15 or 16 cards depending on if middle C is repeated in the treble (higher) and bass (lower) staves (plural for staff).  

Both clefs should be visible on each card.

I use card stock - regular paper doesn't flip!  Index card size is great.

Flashcards in lessons:  I assign students six years old and up to learn to identify the note from note flashcards for the middle two octaves of notes, from C to Middle C and up through the next C.  It is preferable to have Mid C with up and down stems, so 2 cards with same note, just stems are different. When they can flip through all 15 - 16  cards in 20 seconds, they advance to playing them.  Then the goal is 25 seconds.


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