Friday, March 7, 2014

Recital Participation and Attendance Protocol

Recital Protocol - adapted from


1. Arrive 15 minutes early.
2. Go directly to the front two rows in the theater where the performers will find their name on a program on their seat.
3. Remain for the entire recital.  It is distracting and discourteous for performers or audience to leave before the program is finished.
4. Stress courteous audience behavior.   Whispering and rattling of programs spoils the atmosphere.
5. Dress appropriately.  Look your best!   No tee-shirts, jeans, sneakers, or flip-flops.  Wear knee length or longer skirts or dress pants.
6. Video camera use is only allowed if the camera is not obstructing any patron’s view during the recital.  
7.  Photography must be delayed until after the recital.
8.  Students: Don't forget to BOW or CURTSY!

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