Friday, September 18, 2015

Syrian Pianist: Songs of Defiance

A Syrian pianist, husband, father... a refugee from the ISIS holocaust. As with all episodes of horror, this time is not without its music.

These men are leaving their families behind on the brink of "the deepest circle of hell." They may be lost at sea. They must find a safer escape route for their families. And winter is coming, when the sea will be more cruel.

You can help Syrian refugees through many relief charities. Here is one, led by Billy Graham's son:

I happened to glance at Facebook's trending headlines, and as God would have it, this caught my eye. How inspiring and how sobering. I'm glad the world is seeing the crisis in the Middle East, and if it takes being a musician to move people to action, I say the more, the better.

First of all, I'm praying. Second, I want to learn this man's music, start a band, and spread his message.

 For now, I'm sharing his story.

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