Friday, July 20, 2012

Robert Pace: Productive Practicing

Piano Pedagogue, Robert Pace (Read more)
I liked the following quotes from an article by Robert Pace in the Clavier Companion, July/August 1992.

"Practicing is an art in itself, and too many students could use help in making practice time more productive. 
" my experience when students learn to accomplish more during practice, they derive more satisfaction from music study and begin to allot more time to practicing.
"If good daily practice is essential to progress for studnetns, the same is no less true for teachers, who as professionals should continue to grow musically... practicing may be an end-of-the-day struggle with tired technique and resurrected repertoire.    [Point taken]
"Howard Gardner theorizes that problem -solving skills are a basic component of intelligence.  Few young students, though, can solve problems effectively in daily practice because the necessary disciplines - theory, ear-treaining, sight-reading, and keyboard harmony - are routinely postponed to the college level.     [Thankfully, I was taught those things through the 3-hand method by Dave Clark, and teach them to my students!] 

I was listening to Beethoven's 2nd Sonata as I wrote this, and realized that Pace looks like Barenboim!

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