Thursday, October 31, 2013

Method Books I Use

Method books vary according to age, music styles, and teaching strategies... oh, and price.   The two main categories are adult and children.  Between children's methods there are some variations, and I enjoyed surveying many methods in my pedagogy studies.  I bring in elements of these other methods to my students to supplement the method books I use.  I also use whatever method books students may have on hand.

Students under about 6 can start with this:

Step by Step Piano Course - Book 1 (Step by Step (Hal Leonard))   (like this: )

 These are the first two books for older beginners:

Schaum Notespeller  - a workbook.   (like this: )

M. Aaron Lessons Book One - method book (
Belwin Piano Method Book One  - method book   (

 Add note flashcards.

After completing Book 2 of either method book, introduce:

Dozen a Day Book 1 - Technique / Finger agility (

I generally introduce chord symbol and playing by ear around intermediate level note reading, since the reading takes the most discipline and sets a student solidly in a mindset of hard work.   I demarcate intermediate level as my teacher did, with Bach's Minuet in G.

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